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7. Januar 2020
16-17 Uhr

Am 7.1.2020 von 16-17 Uhr findet ein Gratis-Webinar zur Fortbildung „Mindful High Performance“ (Beginn der Fortbildung: 23.1.2020) mit Peter Creutzfeldt statt.

In diesem Webinar gibt Peter Creutzfeldt eine Einführung zum Ansatz von Mindful High Performance sowie zu den Inhalten, Methoden, dem Nutzen, den Trainern und Locations der Fortbildung.

Teilnehmer haben die Möglichkeiten, ihre Fragen zur Fortbildung zu stellen. Sie erhalten beim Webinar darüber hinaus sozusagen als Teaser für die Fortbildung ein Take-Away, eine Methode, die Sie gleich für sich nutzen können.

In der Fortbildung gibt es noch freie Plätze!

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The Mindful High Performance Training Program

A comprehensive train-the-trainer / coach program for trainers, coaches, consultants, HR professionals and managers.

12,5 Days
Plus e-Learning / Webinare
4 Module
9 Month

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Working in the Zone - Mindful High Performance

Working in the Zone - Mindful High Performance

Working in the zone is a state athletes achieve when they almost effortlessly render peak performance. It means to effortlessly give one’s best at work, regardless of outer circumstances; to stay healthy and motivated.

Leadership - The Mindful Leader

Leadership - The Mindful Leader

In this avantgarde development program, experienced leaders and executives reflect upon and question their own inner postures, applying mindfulness techniques in order to perform at their best without burning out.


The Benefits of Mindfulness

Science has validated the multiple benefits of practicing mindfulness. There is hardly another field that has received so much attention, in particular from neuroscience, over the past few years.

Developing High Performance Teams

Developing High Performance Teams

An approach consisting of clear and meaningful expectations, unambiguous roles, and clarity about the scope of responsibility of all concerned. This combination represents a sustainable high performance culture.

High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching

Precise interventions lead to sustainable support in the ability to consistently give what each individual has a talent for.

Our Principles

About us - Our Principles

We stand for honest, real development of people based on their actual potential. Mindfulness and high performance are our lifestyle.