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The Coaches  Peter Creutzfeldt und Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu

We stand for honest, real development of people based on their actual potential. Mindfulness and high performance are our lifestyle.

Peter Creutzfeldt and Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu

About us - The Coaches

We stand for the honest, real development of people based on their potential. We realize this in the form of individual coaching, in working with teams and in seminars. Mindfulness (non-judgmental awareness of what happens in the moment) is our lifestyle. As unusual as this may sound to some who haven’t experienced it: We have had significant boosts of joy, intensity and quality of life, along with humor and a certain light-heartedness since we integrated mindfulness into our lives.

We also practice unconditional respect and appreciation for those with whom we work. Our first priority is to support our clients in their efforts to access their dormant internal resources. When clients focus on these resources they activate their strengths.” They don’t put themselves down for past “mistakes.” When they activate those strengths they are more likely to be “in the Zone.” We may not be perfect role models, but we never tire of aspiring to be just that. So we welcome feedback because we like to learn and grow.

Our third focus is on high performance.

This usually happens when all of the above is combined with a number of other factors: interesting tasks that challenge and stretch people within the parameters of their talents and strengths; clarity about what is expected from people, in a way that makes good sense to them and that triggers their engagement; and a scope of influence allowing them to reach their goals in their own creative ways, knowing they will be held accountable for their performance. We will do everything we can to support all of this.