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Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu Coach - Working in the Zone
Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu
Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu Coach - Working in the Zone
Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu

Fong Chen does international coaching, as well as leadership and team development, with a focus on Chinese- European collaboration.

Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu

Fong Chen Chiu was herself being coached when she found her own calling in coaching. She was literally suffering from not knowing what her life purpose was. However, during the coaching process she realized that it was not her life’s purpose as such that she was after. Her search was really for the experience of deeply fulfilled moments, so satisfying that the question of purpose virtually dissolves.

International coaching

Fong Chen majored in Japanese culture, literature and history at the University of TamKang in Taipei, Taiwan. Fong Chen loves classical music from all cultures passionately and plays several eastern and western instruments. Her business languages are Mandarin and English. Before she started her career as a coach, she spent many years in sales and marketing, as well as serving as an Executive Assistant in the computer industry in Taiwan and Germany. She has trained in Co-Active Coaching, hypnosystemic counselling and Neurolinguistic Programming. She also thrives on challenges in the design and facilitation of team development and leadership training, particularly in Chinese-European settings. Fong Chen has been practicing meditation/mindfulness, yoga and Qi Gong for her personal and professional development for many years.


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Working in the zone is a state athletes achieve when they almost effortlessly render peak performance. It means to effortlessly give one’s best at work, regardless of outer circumstances; to stay healthy and motivated.

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