Peter Creutzfeldt

Having spent nearly 15 years in executive positions with international high- performance organizations, Peter decided it was time for a new beginning. A self- proclaimed “career changer par excellence,” he never lets an opportunity of learning-by-doing go by. Thus he discovered numerous talents he never thought he had. At age 39, he went back to his native Germany, bringing all of these experiences together, and founded “Working in the Zone.

Working in the Zone Mindful High Performance:

Interview with Peter Creutzfeldt on Working in the Zone / Mindful High Performance

Ultimately it was his fascination with questions about the nature of teamwork and performance that drove his quest to support others to effortlessly achieve their best. Since then he has worked with some 1000 top managers and team members each year as a Development Professional in coaching, team development and fostering Mindful Leadership. To accomplish this he took extensive training in systemic coaching, hypnosystemic counselling, mindfulness practice, the Inner Game, in psychometrics such as FIRO-B and in Belbin team roles.

Peter has been applying the spirit of mindfulness to his life for over 30 years; first for his personal development, then ever more in his professional work. His business languages are German, English, and Spanish. He sets the highest standards for himself by meticulously following the latest research in brain science. He then tests this research to determine its practical application in leadership development before integrating it into his approach.


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Working in the zone is a state athletes achieve when they almost effortlessly render peak performance. It means to effortlessly give one’s best at work, regardless of outer circumstances; to stay healthy and motivated.