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High Performance Coaching
High Performance Coaching
High Performance Coaching
High Performance Coaching

Precise interventions lead to sustainable support in the ability to consistently give what each individual has a talent for.

High Performance Coaching

Coaching, either of individuals or groups, supports leaders to employ their own inner resources in order to find the optimal solution to their coaching concern (or problem). It is when clients autonomously formulate and then achieve their development goals that coaching works best.

Coach and Coachee work in a Partnership

In our approach, coach and coachee work in a partnership strictly “eye to eye.” The coach designs “homework” techniques optimized for coachees to experience challenges differently, bringing distance between coachees and their problems. Now they can refocus their attention on their strengths and competences. They learn how to do this and to stay calm even when the old patterns return once again. Coachees learn to generate what we call a “meta position,” a mindful observer’s perspective, from which they can take charge of their development and experience more moments “in the Zone”.

Solutions only resonate in clients if they are connected to their own experience. From the perspective of brain science, the client generates new cell connections in the prefrontal cortex – the region where our “executive functions,” such as empathy, inhibition of impulses, self-confidence, strategic planning, etc. are located.

On this level we can directly work with a client’s mind-set. This allows sustainable, desired change in patterns of behaviour, thinking or feeling that may limit the client’s potential. Consequently, the coachee can utilize more unlocked potential and operate in the Zone more consistently.

Coaches: Fong Chen (Jennifer) Chiu und Peter Creutzfeldt


Peter Creutzfeldt talks in an interview about what is unique about High Performance Coaching. He also explains what exactly “working with the inner posture“ means.

Interview with Peter Creutzfeldt about high performance coaching

What do you mean by High Performance Coaching?