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Fong Chen's coaching had a huge impact on and changed my life. I have felt the confidence that I can have in myself. Thank you for the empathy and for helping me to awaken inside myself the qualities and strength that I have

Nawal, Hotel owner, France


With his program Peter Creutzfeldt exactly meets the market’s requirements and offers an opportunity to approach current challenges in a new way.

Dr. Maren Lange, Airbus, Bremen & Sevilla, Germany / Spain


Fong Chen’s coaching was extremely beneficial - trust, sharing, intelligence and love of life (led to) the discovery of a simple but transparent answer that I did not perceive. Thank you!

Fdil Abdellatif, Film Director, France


Four months after our department completed our program we are dealing with conflicts in a creative and effective way. Before the workshop, I would not have been able to imagine that the entire department could ever deal with such opportunities and challenges on this scale in such a positive way.

T. Escola, Nike, Barcelona, Spain


You have a great intuition and ability to empathize ... Reflecting on our session … gave me new stimuli in life! Thank you.

Saskia, Germany


My perspective has turned 180°. I now look forward to the challenges in my life knowing they will contribute to my well-being and personal growth.

S. Rishi, Sabre, Brasilien